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1) n. One who consistently spills drinks on others, in both party and non-party environments. Additional party-esque fouls apply to the term as well. Further credence is given if the person who spills or screws up in some way, then passes blame on an other individual(s).

2) v. The act of spilling something on another and then blaming that person when it was clearly the 'byrdaker's' fault. Also can be defined as 'byrdaking, or in the past tense: 'byrdacked.'
-"Dude, what the hell man, this is a brand new shirt and you spilled all over it!"
"Why did you have your arm there! That was not my fault, your arm got in the way."

-"Oh no, that guy just byrdaked all over my jeans!"
by Champ10 March 31, 2008
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