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1) (noun) colloquial name of the entire "drone ambient" music genre, characterized by both bwang and bwong sounds, with an occasional pog-me-thon interlude.

2) (noun) the formal name for marijuana smoked while listening to bwangbwong music.

3) (adjective) describing the bodily effect of listening to bwangbwong music while smoking the bwangbwong.

4) a combination of bwang and bwong where one king kong-sized dong gong bwangs a queen-kong-sized dong gong. and they love each other.
Donkey Kong was rescued by Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong, but not before they took a back seat bwangbwong break, breaking her back seat.

(Bwangbwong music plays in the background while my neighbor muses introspectively): Hmmm... Outer space is a nice pace...

Remember that trip from San Francisco down Route 1 overlooking the majesty of the crashing Pacific beside the deep, brooding forest of Big Sur? One bwangbwong joint after another... anti-heroes in a rented car, driving along a dangerous cliff, stopping for the sunset like everybody else. Best bwangbwong ride ever.
by Stone St, USA December 02, 2010
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