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1. The art of fooling another person. Similar to a Wicked Burn.
2. Punk-Ska at it's finest. Emo need not apply. Creators of a "Fat Man In A Fat Suit"
1. I button hooked that guy by sending him on a beer run in the snow.
2. Button Hooked newest CD is awesome
by Punk Buddha April 15, 2006
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To get or be, fucked, screwed, or swindled or left out of something.
"We waited for you till 8 to go to the bar, and when we got there, we ran into the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. We partied all night with 'em....."

Yeah, my boss made me work late....He totally buttonhooked me"


"I waited too long to use my coupon for that free case of beer....I totally buttonhooked myself"
by monkey76 October 13, 2009
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