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1. noun/verb
to stick a finger in one's butt in order to induce fecal projection similar to vomit. Anal bulimia. -er someone who butt-chokes, ie: a known butt-choker

2. noun
a wide, short cigarette with a long, firm filter specially made to smoke through the anus. Scented varieties available.

3. noun/verb
a wrestling move in which the butt cheeks are used to smother the opponent until unconscious (farting before one's opponent is knocked out is a penalty)

Luke: Where did Dave go?
Chris: He ate too much bacon and cheese so now he's in the bathroom butt-choking.
Luke: Shit, I wish he would learn to do that in the toilet. It's such a pain in the ass cleaning that shit up.
Chris: Butt-choker!

Person #1: My lungs hurt from smoking so many cigarettes last night but I really want one right now.
Person #2: Want a butt-choke?
Person #1: Butt-choke? No, I only smoke those after butt-sex.

Announcer Bob: It looks like Mr. Booty-shorts and Mac are two evenly matched wrestlers.
Announcer Steve: Wait a minute, Announcer Bob, looks like Mr. BS has got Mac in the butt-choke.
Announcer Bob: You're right Steve...and he's out! I can smell it from here!
Announcer Steve: Butt-choke, Announcer Bob, butt-choke.
by MasterDoctor March 18, 2009
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a. to annoy; to cause frustration
b. to place hands on one's buttocks and squeeze, applying significant amount of pressure.
Rush hour traffic really butt-chokes me!
by Elyren February 20, 2008
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