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1) The phenomena of a toilet containing the brown powdery remains of feces on the bottom of the bowl.

2) Having diarrhea and leaving a brown soupy substance in the bowl.
1) In Home Alone 2, the bad guy had to stick his head in a toilet containing butt chowder because his head was on fire.

2) Man, I had some nasty butt chowder this morning.
by Homer's Zeppelin March 19, 2004
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The soupy substance that's created on a hot steamy day, when the sweat runs down the ass crack and mixes with the chocolate sauce.
Tony only eats ass high in butt chowder content. "If that bitch hasn't sweated yet today, I ain't into it. I needs me some butt chowder."
by newportburn May 08, 2018
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