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when things that aren’t poop or farts come out of your butt.

examples: hair, lint, toilet paper, or skin.
fat ol’ bob had some butt junk last night. he was itching his ass when he woke up, and pulled out a nice long hair. it’s weird, because he has extremely short hair. after lunch he went to take a nice piss, and a fart came out. he wiped his ass, and there was lint on the toilet paper. he left the restroom and had a nice ass itch, so he pulled down his pants, and there was toilet paper in his butt. he had a bean burrito with a nice soft taco, and took a nice shit. when he was in the bathroom, he found a small piece of skin in his underwear! go bob!
by extremelylonghead June 14, 2018
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A musician vigorously rubs his ass crack and ball sack sweat all over your gear out of spite and jealousy.
Watch out, or i'll buttjunk your shit!

Matt put his buttjunk all over my pedal!!!

I smell buttjunk.

Yes, could i please add some buttjunk to my bass?

Bitch you just got buttjunked!

Man, my buttjunk is fresh today! Who wants some?
by Rachelcuda December 17, 2011
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