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The general feeling of malaise or physical discomfort brought on from a late night visit to Qdoba Mexican Grill. Most symptoms can be compared with a hangover from alcohol consumption. The victim of such a condition is often struck the following morning, not the same evening, after having eaten an entire (read: "amazing") breakfast burrito between the hours of 12am and 5am.

Major symptoms include severe stomach cramps, light-headedness, uninhibited and unbridled flatulence, limited or total loss of most motor skills, temporary amnesia, numbness in the genital region, and a lack of concern for personal hygiene or safety. Luckily, unlike a typical hangover, there is a quick and effective remedy.

It seems peppermints cure the stomach aches, the nausea, and the bad breath associated with this particular ailment.

Consuming large quantities of Qdoba before bed IS, however, recommended as a remedy for insomnia as the masticator will be sent into a most refreshing coma merely one hour after defeating their breakfast burrito. One must simply take into account the desire for sleep versus the amount of pain to be burdened the following morning, with consideration to the amount of peppermints one may or may not have at their disposal.
"Oh man, I can't believe I went to Qdobes last night when I had to be up so early. Bro, I have a 'burrito hangover' like you wouldn't believe. Screw it, I ain't goin' to work today, I ain't got no peppermints."

Person 1: "Why isn't {censored for protection} as productive this morning?"

Person 2: "Oh {he/she/it} is hungover from last night"
Person 1(probably some lame manager who is not in the know): "{He/She/It} has been drinking?!?!"
Person 2(most likely a cool, secondary manager who's finger rides the pulse): "No, a 'Burrito Hangover'. Just give {him/her/it} a candy cane and they should be fine in an hour."
by konfuzion13 February 05, 2010
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