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a student who likes to talk back and make teachers mad by little things like sniffing nose and getting the rest of the class to do it or getting up repeatably sharpening pencil. Also often throws the burris wave or burris greeting.
teacher 1: hey whats wrong
teacher 2: its fourth period, almost all of them are burris kids
teacher 1: oh i feel sorry for you

teacher: ok everyone take notes
burris kid: *sniff*
teacher: we need to...
burris kid: *sniff*
teacher: don't forget to
student 1: *sniff*
student 2: *sniff*
burris kid: *sniff*
teacher: is there something wrong!
burris kid: just a stuffy nose *sniff*
teacher: well you can go to the nurse then see the principal
burris kid: or i could get up and blow my nose (gets up and blows nose)
by 69arf January 05, 2010
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