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1950's diner terminology for a steak that is well-done or overcooked. The meat of a steak that has been 'burnt to a crisp' is typically grey-brown throughout and firm, or blackened and hard throughout. If you're in a diner or restaurant and want to order a steak that is 'burnt to a crisp', ask for it well-done or overcooked.
Waiter: Hi, I'm Buddy. What can I getcha?
Vincent Vega: Let's see, steak, steak, steak... oh yeah, the Douglas Sirk Steak - I'll have that.
Waiter: How'd you want that cooked? Burnt to a crisp or bloody as hell?
Vincent Vega: Bloody as hell. And oh yeah, look at this - Vanilla Coke.
by ijustwannanap September 18, 2016
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