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a burnside mum is one who hangs out and shops at burnside village ( a shopping district in burnside, adelaide, australia).
These "mums" are normally seen to be wearing their customary gold belts and gold shoes, candy pink lipstick, with blond hair and sunnies on their heads. they are often slightly orange, they drive large expensive cars, normally FWD and they normally wear all white, CAPRI ( 3/4 pants) or sometimes those tiny checkered blue or pink pants. If wearing colours, baby blues, pale pinks, pale yellows, and a pale lime green sometimes.
SIGNATURE ACCESSORY: gold belt, gold shoes, candy pink lipstick.
They are ALWAYS at school helping with their children and can do million things at once.
<These women are the biggest gossips and enjoy cuppacinos.
a burnside mum is often referred to as a barbie.
"She is such a gossip, she knows everything!"
"she is a burnside mum"
by boring f November 05, 2006
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