A term used in both Monty Python and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series on Youtube referring to punishing anyone for any comment that can be thought of as stupid or cruel (negative comments in general). It can also be taken literally (or somewhat literally) if you really think the person you're talking to is a skank. Which, in most likelihood, they are.
Mai: ...And when I win this duel, I shall be the new main character! *gigglesnort*

Tristan: Burn the Witch!
by Jacobi K. July 6, 2008
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me explaining celestia ludenberg's execution: "celestia ludenberg's execution was entitled 'the burning of versailles witch'. she was supposedly going to pass from burning in a fire during her execution, but ended up being hit by a fire truck."
person: i never asked to learn about that
me: but its the burning of the versailles witch
person: i do not care
by celestes regression November 28, 2020
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