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A term most often used to indicate strong disappointment in a person, but lacking surprise. Encompasses a broad range of definitions including, but not limited to: leaving too early; making vague plans on a grand scale without any follow through; insisting they will call back and subsequently “forgetting”; building up going out at night then not drinking or smiling or talking; convincing someone else to travel long distances for a visit under false pretenses only to later leave said person with groups of people they do not know. Term may also be used to specify regularly arriving late everywhere, at all times.

May also be seen in the forms; burching out, burch out, burched out.
You are going to be six hours late to pick me up at the airport? Way to burch out again.

She totally burched out on that whole going to San Diego for Thanksgiving thing.
by subduedexcitement24 February 08, 2010
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