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That small region of sensitive, nerve filled skin that is found between the butt hole and the cunt that is a pleasant side destination if one is taking the scenic route while travelling from cunnilingus to rimming and back.

This area has also been used as a sort of oral sex sorbet, a place where one might cleanse the taste buds before moving onward to one hole or the other.

Visually it is the "no-man's land" or "cock free zone" during Double Penetration.

Often neglected, this little area can make it or break it for you when the gals are comparing notes on whose boyfriend eats pussy better.

Consider it akin to Switzerland... a tranquil place between pussies and assholes.

Temporarily put out of commission by an episiotomy.
She was quite the trouper... while the 2 guys were DP'ing her friend, she managed to get her head inbetween two sets of balls and lick her friend's buntal region.
by Likeken4glory September 20, 2009
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