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A "haunted" bridge located in Clifton, Virginia. One of the most famous legends in the United States.

The actual legend said that in 1905 a mental institute in Clifton was being evacuated and the inmates were being transferred on a bus to a new building. One inmate (Douglas J. Grifon) managed to escape off of the bus and into the woods. There, police found hundreds of half-eaten rabbit carcases and many people began to refer to Grifon as the "Bunnyman"
Before his death, Grifon was found by the bridge in the bushes, hiding to jump out on unsuspected victims. After he died, a series of unexplained deaths occured there and continue to occur.

Nowadays, it has become the place where drunken teens go every Halloween, dressed as bunnies with hatchets to scare oncoming cars and innocent people.
Bridget: On Halloween, me and the guys are going to check out bunnyman bridge!

Katie: Your crazy! You could get killed!
by Bridget crowley April 10, 2007
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