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eat, eating, consumption of food; e.t.c.

a bung hole is the hole in the middle of a barrel or cask, used for filling. bung hole also has served as slang for an 'asshole'.

dungs are MY def. for FOOD, if one could only imagine the future of their ends up in the toilet, right? , hence dungs!
wheres' karen? (response:) i think she went out to bung dungs.

i was bunging dungs and hated to imagine my spectacular meal turning to lumpy, smelly, waste!!

lets' head on over to foolsley's and bung dungs
by michael foolsley February 29, 2012
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Person who rolls his Dung into a ball and hordes it for the winter months.
Cody: man. have you seen Joe's fingers?
Billy: no, why?

Cody: they're brown and he's white...

Billy: oh. I know why.
Cody: why?

Billy: he never washes his hands and he gets the cheap toilet paper. He's got Bungdung...

Cody: that's gross. Should we were something?

Billy: no, he did do to himself
by Essential Understandings December 03, 2014
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