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Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -dy•fied; -fy•ing
Usage: to bundyfy
Noun: Bundyfication
Etymology: derived from the name of U.S. all time hero / serial killer Ted Bundy

Meaning: to bundyfy - act of unthinkable massive violence against a single person or against several human beings, carried out by a mentally disturbed/undeveloped Psycho.

Background Information:

After Teddy busted out of jail (for the second time) he sneaked into the Chi Omega sorority house of the Florida State University. There, he bundyfied to girls by smashing their faces with an oak club after he bundynized another girl. And as if this hadn't been enough, he decided - on his way home - to bundynize an additional girl from a different house.

NOTE: there is a significant difference between Bundyfication / bundyfying / bundyfy and Bundynization / bundynizing / bundynize!
A: Yesterday I couldn't sleep because of my fucking neighbors!
B: You should bundynize them!
A: WTF? You mean 'bundyfy'?
B: Oh! I'm so sorry! Of course Bundyfication and not Bundynization!
by wrencheater July 14, 2006
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