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The party doesn't start 'til Bumjoon walks in. He's everyone's best friend and secret crush, yet doesn't know it. Whoever has the pleasure of meeting him knows he's the sweetest at heart and takes care of those around him. He'll never let you down and continues to brighten up your day with his huge smile. Though sometimes he ignorantly makes really stupid decisions every once in a while, he bounces back and learns from his mistakes quickly. He doesn't fall for the basic popular girls, but is attracted to the shy girls who are often oblivious to his crushing. Bumjoon's a booty kinda man, and when he likes someone, he's willing to drop everything and anything for her. So if a Bumjoon ever likes you, you best get wit it.
friend 1 : "Wait, hold up, is that Bumjoon?"
friend 2 : "Fuck, finally! This party is hella dry."

friend 1 : "I know bruh, time to turn up!"
by wHyArEyOuRuNnInG February 21, 2018
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