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A bumbling buffoon is someone who wakes up in the morning and bumbles around not having any direction whatsoever. He needs to do many unimportant things like take the trash across the property and poop. And he takes about three hours to do it. A bumbling buffoon takes forever to do anything. It takes him twenty minutes just to pay for a parking meter because he has to search through his car for change when he could just use his debit card. He makes everyone wait around for him because he thinks that his mission is priority when we're all just waiting for him to get it together so we can have our pancakes and go already.
"I'll get up in twenty minutes." Twenty minutes later: "I have to poop. I have to transfer my pictures..." And then the "bumbling buffoon" says, "oh, I have to call the operator." He makes everyone wait for his bumbling around buffoonery before they can carry on with life.
by mhorndisk December 24, 2015
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