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1. A person who has had bum sex.
2. Can also be used as verb e.g. Bum bashing, bum bashed
1. GUY 1: 'Yeah, old jimmy's now a bum basher.'
GUY 2: 'Really? With his Girlfriend?'
GUY 1: 'No, with some guy out of that gaybar.'

2. GUY 1: 'Wheres Dave?'
GUY 2: 'Oh... He's upstairs bum bashing his chick'
by G[dot] March 22, 2008
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Some one who enjoys the bashing peole asses
Patrick and Thomas went to the shops and bought a candy bar and paid 3.80 for it and only had 2.00 so they asked Liam the bumbasher for some money.
by Jeremy Springfield May 09, 2008
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