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Next level bullshit.
When a situation occurs that's beyond bullshit.

Refer to-
bullshit- nonsense, lies, ridiculous.
fuckery- A waste of time, Behaving dumb or foolish, foolish acts that should be unpleasant to others, describing something completely fucked up.

WORD ORIGINATED- a lady was confronting a guy she was dating about a rumor that he was out with another woman. and she texted him "are you home from the bullshitfuckery!!?"
Are you done with that BULLSHITFUCKERY?

This is a bunch of bullshitfuckery!
"urban dictionary not accepting our WORD is BULLSHITFUCKERY!!"

Your drunken antics last night was BULLSHITFUCKERY.
by AddyDunn July 14, 2017
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