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a form of penile gonorrhea that is devastating. Causing a strong odor reminiscent of rotting dead fish mixed with mayonnaise, severe swelling, and a painful discharge that has a slight purplish tint to it. If left untreated, the end result will be an explosion of penile tissue aka congratulations, you just blew off the head of your own cock. the worst part is that this terrible disease is untreatable. the only cure being to place your genitalia on top of a cinder block, hold another cinder block over recently placed genitalia, close your eyes, and let go of said suspended cinder block.
Phil-Hey Jim, how did your date go with Jamie?

Jim-I think that bitch gave me the bull headed clap.

Phil-That sucks's a pistol, I'll leave the room and call a meat wagon after I hear the shot fired.

Jim-Thanks bro...(Phil leaves room as Jim commits suicide)
by vikingdrunk February 21, 2012
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