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1. Slang term for chronic and wild over exaggeration.
2. A little bitch that is annoying.
3. A bald little weird kid that talks like he is from the projects when in reality that is not even close to the truth.
4. A virus that once your infected, lose the will to live and your penis falls off and turns black.
5. Someone who forced the dinosaurs into extinction with his annoying voice.
6. Killed John F. Kennedy with his gang skillz
1. Don't exaggerate you mutha f***er
2. BULARD! you're a bitch
3. BULARD! you're bald and weird.
4. BULARD! you just infected me and made my penis turn black.
5. BULARD! you just killed the dinosaurs.
6. BULARD! you just killed JFK.
by 5th Amendment January 11, 2008
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