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Driving a club 100 kart with utmost confidence in your own ability that quite clearly isnt there.
Being a victim of a bukc bandit involves ridiculous crashes and unhappy people gesturing nasty hand signals at one another.
by hicksy_max21 April 10, 2009
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Demonstrating a high level of incompetence and banditry during BUKC races. BUKC Bandits are very annoying and usually knobheads who think they are Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. They can not drive and usually end up causing multiple kart collisions resulting in shaken fists and wanker gestures.
That team from Huddersfield University are full of BUKC Bandits, it is like they have never driven a go-kart before either that or they have let a woman drive. This particularly applies to the one with the One Direction haircut.
by The BUKC Spy August 18, 2012
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