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the song you play on your mp3 player while choosing another song to play.
Tom: this song is so gay.
Jeff: relax dude, its just a buffer song while i find something cool
by lemon_lime123 July 27, 2010
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A mediocre song used by an internet streaming service like Pandora to let you know they're about to play something really shitty. This gives you the opportunity to change the station before inadvertently hearing something distasteful. Coined by popular podcast host, Adam Carolla
Adam: I was listening to an Elvis Costello channel on Pandora earlier and John Cougar's opus "Hurts So Good" suddenly started playing.
Ray: Shit. At least they should've given you a Buffer Song.
Adam: Yes, anything by Gary Wright would've been sufficient
by bkn February 24, 2014
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