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1. Nude western porno that involves europeans and elephants in the nude.
2. When the indian's found out that the cows being brought to the west....were trully used in ancient british porn preformed live for the queen's and king's delight.
3. When males of the human species get crabs they start scratching and the balls start attacking each other like the settlers and the indians.
1. Hey the europeans brought the elephants....lets go watch buffalo bill's wild west show.
2. Hey Bob, r u watching's like Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show....and im the live twig and berries are in the cow!
3. I HATE BUFFALO BILL'S WILD WEST SHOW.....damn crabs...pesky lil things crawl in your pants and wont leave...and my guns are running out of amo.
by Susan Crabgrass December 02, 2006
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