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Similar in meaning and usage to Ridiculous, however Buetavrious is used in conversation with people that want to appear intelligent. When using Buetavrious in a conversation the other person, they associate the word with Ridiculous and assume they are smart because they just nod and agree with the usage without question. It's a perfect word to make someone look stupid when actually they are a complete dumb ass for accepting the word without question.
Me: That's a rather buetavrious shirt you have on today. Where did you get it?
Idiot: Well thank you, it was a gift for my birthday.
Me (Thinking): What a moron.

Passive aggressive:
Server: How does your meal taste? Everything good?
Me (After waiting over an hour for the terrible meal): Everything is fine, this is the most buetavrious service I have received in a long time.
Server: Well thank you. Hope you return again soon.
Me (Thinking): Ya Right!

Guy At Work: So that's what I suggest we do.
Me: That's got to be one of the most buetavrious ideas anyone's ever come up with.
Guy At Work: Well, thanks. I've been thinking about that for a long time.
Me (Thinking): You are such a complete idiot.
by Faces K October 17, 2014
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