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little known, yet largerly hated, but equally missed, outside of westchester, pa is where our dreams are never bigger. but always shatter harder. a place where talent is peeking yet no one pursues it, growwing pot in fields, then getting in our benz to fishbowl it. k-square is just as bad, just more immagrants walking in the crowed streets. get horseshit an shrooms on thir feet. with the grove just chillin, all the niggas are convicted fellons. it's all just to say unionville is a bunch of pansies, go play lacrosse, drive the lincoln and where your mom's panties. a place where cops used to follow you home when you got tipsy, now they write you up for dui, and that's just shitty. they set up a system and examples, now they changed it up, left it all pollitcal.
just gotta field party, kegs, and kegs of natty and lions head, relaxin with the fire in bucktown, pa.
by shotgun james November 01, 2005
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