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A group of people with different status, interest, colture and lifestyle, combined together giving the leverage of being able to adapt to any situation. Distinct character within the group are loyalty, high regard of high-rankers and extreme regard for group success.

BubbleGang: A Gag show of GMA-7 from the Philippines making fun out of daily life situations, politics and current events.

A crew from Sigil server of the web-based game, Outwar , who always stays on top10 but with leaders and members extremely avoiding the limelight. Group is aimed at growth as a team and not as an individual. Members have a high regard for honor, loyalty, tact and wits and can adapt to situation extremities. They usually aid other crews on wars with skills and logistics.
Those niggas pwned ur ass again. Lets see if they can even run off if we face them, bubblegang style.
by Willy Ostil Jr. June 22, 2006
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