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Gum that has weed in it. this is how you do it: chew your fav. gum "bubble type gum works best" untill it is soft. Then flatin it some in your hand, next sprinkle weed in it then fold the edges of the gum over the weed and chew. reapeat untill desired amount is acheived. It may require a good amount to get your buz depending on your body tolerence but it is effective in places were you cant be smokin, oh, such as sittin in your cubicle at your lame as job. and yes it may get it in your teeth so try to carry around those individually rapped toothpicks in your pocket.

and p.s. dont throw it away wen it loses its flavor you dumb bastards just swallow it its still got plenty of THC "The chemical that fucks you up. Just for the retards out there" in it. use water if you cant swallow it dry.

your goddamn wellcome. now try it
no i havent heard about that way to get high off your weed without smokin it wats its called. bubble weed; yeah "cody" told me and now im tellin you
by cody p in H-Town nc June 13, 2007
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