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/brooksh/ noun

A high-octane severely foul-smelling fart that's commonly associated with people on a steady diet of organic, gas-producing vegetables such as broccoli, radishes, ulloco, kale, (brussels) sprouts, cauliflower, and hijiki; any fart with the pungent, hot, sulfuric, unbelievably strong smell reminiscent of a trip to a volcanic hotspot.

/brooksh/ noun

A mnemonic device useful when grocery shopping to help you avoid vegetables that cause intense gas pain and severely stinky farting: B(roccoli) R(adishes) U(lloco) K(ale) S(prouts, brussels) C(auliflower) H(ijiki).

/brooksh/ noun

Onomatopoeia for the sound made in passing a big, severely stinky, sulfurous fart.

/brooksh/ verb

The act of passing intestinal gas so foul, hot, and sulfur-smelling that even the most polite people around can't help but flee your general vicinity, like they are running for their lives from a volcanic eruption.
1. Rob cleared out the whole gym when he was doing squats and passed a bruksch so hot and foul it stank the whole place up for an hour.

2. My trainer at the gym taught me to use the BRUKSCH mnemonic device to avoid veggies that make my farts stink so bad, so I can stop buying so much broccoli, radishes, ulloco, kale, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, hijiki, and other gas-producers like that.

3. Did you hear the bruksch that vegetarian girl passed at lunch and then tried to blame on the table next to her? That was priceless.

3. About a half hour after chowing down on all the broccoli, radishes, ulloco, kale and other organic veggies she loaded her plate with at the Whole Foods salad bar, Terri bruksched so bad the stench cleared out not only the office but most of downtown Indianapolis.
by IndyWalt March 13, 2011
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