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A language consisting of English, spoken with an Indian accent that so extremely heavy, it doesn't even sound like English. The idea comes from Newspeak, a term used in George Orwell's book 1984 (new + speak = newspeak = new version of English language) So, brown + speak = brownspeak = brown version of English language.

Boy: How much is the samosa?
Brown cashier: FOL THATTY PA.
Boy: WHAT? I can't understand this....
Girl: Hold on.... how much is it again?
Brown cashier: (in a heavy accent) FOUR THIRTY FIVE.
Girl: (to boy) it's $4.35
Boy: Don't blame me.... I don't understand Brownspeak.

Brown student: WHAT YAAR DOEYUNG?
Brown teacher: no, no dear, it's "What ARE you DOING?" no one in America will understand brownspeak, okay?
Brown student: Woh-kay! *brown teacher rolls eyes*
by currypowder1990 February 13, 2010
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