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illness with sympotms such as headache, nausa, bad mood, red eyes, all brought on by drinking bottle beer.
Having had 14 beers last night at the party, Ben was now suffering from brown bottle fever.
by baltsox December 30, 2007
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1: A euphemism for being or appearing drunk.

2: Sometimes a euphemism for alcoholism.

3: Sometimes a euphemism for being hung over.
1: A euphemism for being drunk.

Last night John Doe made a bunch of rambling incomprehensible posts and texts. He seemed to have brown bottle fever.

2: A euphemism for alcoholism.

The court ordered that John Doe do jail time, attend AA and have counseling. To shelter the children, we explained John Doe's absence; as going to school to research brown bottle fever.

3: A euphemism for being hung over.

John Doe has bloodshot eyes, he has been worshiping the porcelain goddess, and is very ill tempered and unproductive. I think he has Brown Bottle Fever again.
by scheme fighter July 07, 2011
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