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when emo or scene kids discover that they are pussies and want to improve their hxc (hardcore) status they become brootal. brootal kids wear plain dark colored and/or band hoodies with illegible metalcore band logos on them usually accompanied by a morbid violent or simply "brutal" picture on it. also wearing skin tight pants for crabcore and hardcore dancing they prefer vans. moccasins. or non-bulky skate shoes. brootal kids either have very short hair or long straightened hair with massively stretched ears and many facial piercings. barely concerned by their 3128 friends on myspace and their amazingly edited profiles they spend their free time at shows. smoking cigarettes outside the mall mocking the scene beans in hottopic. or smoking weed in someones garage or behind a nearby wells-fargo. listening to asking alexandria bring me the horizon or suicide silence during all of these activities. you will also find that they go by a cliche alias such as "davey deathkill" "cameron catastrophe" "sammy suicide" or something along those lines. unbeknownst to them the brootal kid will probably die just as quick as the other misunderstood hottopic inspired sub-cultures.
hey did you see that brootal kid at the show last night?

yeah. he was hot. he had some pretty sick gauges too.

yeah. him and his friends were hxc dancing in the mosh pit.

thats so brootal
by bennyXbrootal February 26, 2010
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When an emo or scene kid gets tired of being depressed and listening to softcore music they become "Brootal kids". A brootal kid is like a Scene kid, but wears darker clothing and listens to hardcore music (Deathcore, Grindcore, Technical Metal, etc). Contrary to popular belief, Brootal kids are not all unsophisticated. Technical genres are even popular among Brootal kids.
Scene kid: Check out my new neon green tshirt. I can wear it and listen to some pop punk.
Brootal kid: I'm more into this black tshirt. I wear it when I listen to deathcore.
by Chazza2121 January 03, 2015
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Brootal kids are basicly the same as scene kids. It's just another word for scene.
Brootal kids wear skinny jeans, and band tees just like scene kids.
Infact, they're the same. Some people
think that br00t4l kids are better than sc3n3 kids. All in all,
they're the same.
"fuck you. i'm br00t4l and i know it!"
"omgahh, that girls hair is so br00t4l."
"Look at all those brootal kids!"
by keri rejection October 26, 2008
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