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a school located in sheffield ohio where under acheivement is renowned. drug deals go down in this class and mad parties are thrown every week. home of chronika.
whoa bruh did you see that kid from brookside highschool? He sucks at basketball and he's high!
by dutchezzz December 20, 2009
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A high school in Sheffield Lake, Ohio that everyone makes out to be this great place and in reality, a major hell whole! Drug dealers everyone, ghetto white minorities, and 18 year olds that are still sophomores. The teachers are mostly dumb and the football team sucks major ass. The only thing good about Brookside is the Volleyball team and Drama Club. Sheffield Lake is party central for weekends. Everyone is always drinking. Lake Brookside happens sometimes too! That's when rain water fills up the school parking lot and floods because no one has cleaned it out in 10 damn years!
Brookside High School sucks ass
by S.K.L November 29, 2012
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