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Somebody from New York who gets drunk and fucks some dudes repeatedly in the ass while getting fucked in the ass himself and has complete memmory loss upon becoming sober and denies any the event ever took place. He honestly believes the pain in his ass is due to falling down the stairs.
My room mate brought all these dudes back to our room and engaged in gay sex while i pretended to be asleep. He is such a brooklyn ass pounder.
by Cockmaster McCool October 04, 2009
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A college legend who is said to anally fuck aka "ass pound" whores when hes belligerently drunk. Afterwards, he "tags" the girl writing "Brooklyn Ass Pounder" on their body with a sharpie marker. To anyone's knowledge he has no affiliation with Brooklyn.
Slut: "I think I had sex last night. My ass hurts and theres some scribble that says "Brooklyn Ass Pounder" on my back"
Me: "Bitch you just got Brooklyn Ass Pounded!"
by RutgersBro1991 April 19, 2011
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