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it is the shithole of nsw, australia.
everyone here is either drunk or stoned.
backstabbing/talking about/insulting everyone else because
they're own lives are that boring.
they say shit about you, loud enough for china to hear,
and then deny everything.
you finally settle down with someone you care for dearly, and they try to break you's up, for theyre own enjoyment.
they call you a slut/whore/skank from 2 miles away, because they know damn well you would do something about it if they were closer.
because everyone is a low life.
the nice people here,
that dont care what people say, do there own thing,
and dont give a hoot, what the following bastards of this town are doing (Y)
boy; i might go visit broken hill.
girl; ive heard about that place, its full of low life cunts.
by brittany hillier. July 12, 2009
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A town in Far West New South Wales Australia. The town relies heavily on the mining industry, but unfortunately the place is run by old white guys that think everything should be shut at 9.30pm and everyone should be in Bed by 10.30pm.

The town is full of ordinary people going about their day to day lives but is often times drowned out by Emo twits that like to bitch and moan about their life and cry when drama comes their way, even though 99% of the time they're the ones that start the drama.

The Women are easy if you come from out of town thus making the place a great destination for sex tourists from interstate, though this tourism industry is under threat from the broken hill clap.
Fully sick wog 1 from melbourne - ''Hey we should visit this place called broken hill, i hear the women there are mad sluts for out of towners''

Fully Sick wog 2 - ''Yeah i've heard that aswell but i hear the place is shut by 9.30pm, plus i don't want to get the broken hill clap''

Fully sick wog 1 - ''Whats the Broken Hill clap?''

Fully sick wog 2 - '' It's this treatment resistant type of gonorrhea caused by generations of inbreeding''
by tomcat jonas July 01, 2011
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