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It's like a disco stick, but not.
Example 1:
"Hey, do you want a bro-stick?"
"No thanks, I just brushed my teeth."

Example 2:
"Where would you find a bro's bro-stick?"
"In his hand."

Example 3:
"I don't wanna touch Jerome's bro-stick."
by Darnall6 April 14, 2010
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Chop sticks with popped collars, preferably pink. Used to eat your brotastic Chinese food at your frat house.
"Hey bro pass me the brosticks so I can eat my sweet and sour chicken."
"OK, then after we're done eating we can play some beer pong and slap each other in the face!"
"Sweet idea! Then we can go spoon while watching Grey's Anatonmy."
by Scott R.D.L. October 26, 2007
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