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- a systematical means of quantifying the values and actions of a bro.

Here are some examples of the bro point scale:

10 points = driving one of your drunk bros home, punching a hole in the wall, tossing a football with a perfect spiral

20 points = pissing in public, performing a strikeout, grilling an awesome steak

30 points = making a hot girl cry, wingmanning the ugly chick, getting arrested

40 points = winning five games of beer pong in a row, punting a chihuahua, banging a hot milf or cougar

50 points = winning a Pulitzer or Nobel Peace Prize, wearing a camp shirt, converting a lesbian

1,000,000 points = performing a homemade abortion, knocking out a juice head, getting head by a hot nun


In addition to gaining bro points, one can also lose bro points. Some examples:

(- 10) points = getting a manicure, wearing Ed Hardy, passing out and/or vomiting

(-20) points = getting highlights in the hair, turning down a BJ, wearing Tiffany's brand dogtags

(-1,000,000) points = being a terrorist, studying, playing softball, wearing skinny jeans, being emo

"Zach somehow drove home last night after drinking 13 shots of Jager and sharting himself."
"Really? That's badass! He just earned 30 bro points!"

"So, the doctor said I have chlamydia."
"Really? Well at least you earned 10 bro points for it."

"I'm gonna kick Corey's ass for having sex with my sister!" "But first, let me add 40 bro points to his total"
by Big Freeze UFL February 18, 2010
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The internal confidence points gained by a bro when he does something manly. Could be any of the following: winning beer pong, sex... well, you get the idea. (Abbreviation in e-chatting could be simply "BP's")
Friend: "Dude, what happened after you left with Shayna last night?"
Bro: "She upped by bro points; best. night. ever."
Friend: "That's freaking awesome. I'm still at zero BP's"
Bro: "It's all good man, you're points will come eventually."
by jimmyeatworld517 November 10, 2010
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A bro casually walking recognizes a fellow bro. He extends his arm in a somewhat neanderthal-like, pointing motion in recognition of that fellow bro.
*extends arm using the bro point* BROOO! Natty ice at yo crib later?

*onlooker slaps forehead at this lesser form of humanity*
by jbsqueasy April 28, 2009
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