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The honk emitted from a bro truck or other bro edition vehicle when the driver is about to run a red light. Rather than obey the law, bros feel it is their right as an "extreme" individual to run red lights. To avoid broverturned vehicle incidents, they honk immediately prior to crossing through an intersection to threaten other drivers to stay out of their way, even when the other drivers have a green light and/or the legal right of way.

Note: Bro Honking is exclusive to bros, because most other people to not stupid enough to run red lights, let alone acknowledge the illegal act by honking.
Bro: "Yeaahhhh Boyeeee!" *BRO HONK*
Innocent Bystander 1: "OMG, I'm going to die!!!"
Everyone Else: "What an asshole loser bro, I hope he crashes and dies!"
by brownnipples February 23, 2009
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