The name of any sexual position which involves lots of uncomfortable eye contact, and no smiling.
John: You know that chick I picked up last night?

Bob: The home-schooled girl? What about her.

John: We did it British style...

Bob: Ooof.
by Saielna October 16, 2012
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The term “Get Bent British Style” refers to “getting bent” or, in a not so polite term, getting fucked, or telling one to go fuck themselves, the British style, is when one get’s to partake in anal sex, and an enema, but instead of the person allowing the water to escape the body, they instead put a tea bag within their anal cavity, therefore, getting “bent” (fucked in the ass) British style (tea bag within anal cavity mid-enema)
Chad: What did you tell your boss after he fired you for indecent exposure during work hours?

British Chad: I told the wank’r to “Get Bent British Style”

Chad: What’d he do next?

British Chad: He went to go have hardcore anal sex, he was always very gullible.
by Stylophone Jack April 24, 2021
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