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Middle and Upper Class british youth. They are usually students but not always. Characteristically defined as pretentious douchebags who wear aviator sunglasses, shorts and flip flops in the middle of fuckin winter. There are two types, the trendsetters and the followers. The trendsetters as the name implies are the ones who lead the way. The followers are useless cunts who have no identity and worship their leaders. Their natural habitat is out on the street usually at night. Can be also found using the phrase "Yeahno"
John: Did you go out last night?
Phil: Oh Mate Yeah it was amazing we got smashed
John: Rararararara
Phil: Yeahno it was really good. rarararara
John: Let's have gay buttsex
Phil: OK rarararararara. I'm a british douchebag
by Keepinitrealreal March 24, 2010
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