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A term used to describe the phenomenon in which an ordinary woman, innocently enjoying her life, is left stunned and utterly dumbfounded when asked to be a bridesmaid by a casual acquaintance - someone she knows vaguely through work or school but rarely makes time for outside of these circumstances and if she is forced to interact outside of these settings with said acquaintance, she ensures that she brings an actual friend along, to mitigate any awkwardness.
Victims of bridesiding often engage in self-blame, asking themselves “what did I do to lead her on like this…could I have been too friendly…perhaps too eager when greeting her casually?” But one is always powerless against bridesiding.
e.g. “So get this, Sarah is getting married and asked me to be her bridesmaid – me! We text like once every three months and always make half-assed plans to get coffee that never pan out. I was totally bridesided!”
by liddy bae May 04, 2016
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