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Someone who believes that they know so much about brewing, or are so completely self involved, that they think that the whole world needs to know about what they are doing. So they create a you tube channel dedicated to it.
Sometimes this narcissitic wank fest can include:
BEER TASTING REVIEWS: Watching someone drink a beer, comment on its aroma, body, colour & taste. When the experience is COMPLETELY subjective.
Just because you can taste peaches and fresh mowed grass, doesn't mean that other people care!
These can include how to make your own brew house (badly) How to make beer (badly) How to look after your beer (badly) How to dress like a brewer (badly) and hipster related rubbish.
Listening to some gob-shite waffle on about their kids, or how they popped round to trevors the other day.
This is where they thank other brewtubers for mentioning their name or something they did on youtube, to get subscribers to 'like' each other.
People who have no effing idea what they are doing. So new to brewing, but so keen to be on the internet so everyone can see them. They set up their youtube channel before they have even made anything. So you can experience the whole process alongside them. Usually these guys stick around for 6 episodes before they realise how shit they actually are, and/or that no-one actually cares.
"Dave? Put down the bloody smart phone! I'm here for brew day, I'm not a bloody brew tuber"

"See that video from Alan yesterday?" , "didn't realise he was a brew tuber"

15mins of my life I'll never get back, bloody brew tuber
by Relevant Opinion August 25, 2014
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