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A dumb redneck && a guy who wears camo hats that aren't real... he always looks mad evven tho its just cuz he's tired.... he wants to kill michelle.. and he's reeeeaaaalllll tight,,,, he cuffs his pants and wears worn out vans.. he rides ponies.. and he hates that michelle hates potato's .. he eats barbeque chips.. he's a fat ass thats gonna die.. and he likes chocolate milk with floss things in it.. yummy!!!!! he lives in leona valley and wouldn't live anywhere else. he likes chickens and fucking bitches on trampolines....
jimmy-did u see bretutuh at brets house.. ??
jeff-yeah he was the most fucked up redneck iv ever seen!!
by afjklafjalkdjf August 17, 2007
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