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1) A substitute for the "your mom" punchline of a 'yo momma' style joke. Used among friends to prevent from offending one another during a good volley of good-natured mother-insults.

2) An alcoholic beverage popular among the Los Angeles nightclub and bar scenes. A "Brett's Mom" is prepared differently be every bartender and described only as "something that smells skanky and goes down easy." Bartenders are given creative license to prepare a surprise concoction of their own invention whenever the drink is ordered and many of them take great pride in the originality of their respective recipes which are sometimes even served flambe as a "Flaming Brett's Mom"

3) A highly sought after strain of indica-based marijuana grown in Northern California. "Brett's Mom" is known to induce an energetic and euphoric high often discussed among aficionados with remarks such as "Air body get did good by Brett's Mom"
1) "What's the difference between the Mojave Desert and Brett's Mom? The Mojave is easier to get wet and a hell of lot easier to get across."

2) "Excuse me, bartender, could I get two Brett's Moms?" "Uh... what's in that?" "It's up to you, really. It's just something that smells skanky and goes down easy."

3) "Hey man, did you bring Brett's Mom? I'll trade you some L.A. Confidential for some of that."
by Undercover Bob June 19, 2008
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