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young centerfielder for the new york yankees (go YANKS!) born in holly hill, north carolina

can do a lot very well and his biggest attribute is his speed (said to be the fastest player in the whole YANKEES organization) but is also a mean fielder and is getting better at his batting.

first major league game was june 30, 2008
had 11 at-bats (not counting walks) before getting a hit but ended up with a respectable .228 BA by the end of the season (considering that he started to play a little after half of the season)

could be considered the yankees' version of jacoby ellsbury

he is also a prime example of why the yankees dont necesseraly need to get all their players from trades and free agency (yea even if im a yankee fan. im not too hot on everything they do, i dont understand why they dont call up more people from the minors, some of the yankees' greates players (ex: jeter, posada and mariano rivera) came from the farm system. but oh well, they got the money so why not.)
kid 1:hey that brett gardner kid sure is fast.

kid 2:i know he'll probably be a really good ball player

kid 1: and they didnt even have to get him in the free agency either!

kid 2: no way! so what the traded for him?

kid 1: no way man hes from their farm system!

kid 2: wow, well that just goes toshow you i guess
by preety big yankee fan January 07, 2009
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