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brendan hogan originated in Ireland. A priest named Brendan the Navigator was a very wise and noble man in Ireland.Hogan Surname Origin(Origin In the Cornish) Mortal, in the Gaelic, a young man, from 'Og,' young. Hogyn, Welsh, a stripling. From Brendanus, the Latinized form of the Irish name Bréanainn which was derived from a Welsh word meaning "prince". Saint Brendan was a 6th-century Irish abbot who, according to legend, crossed the Atlantic and reached North America with 17 other monks. Brendan could also means cool, athletic, and talented. It is commonly used in many ways describing how successful someone is or will be. "Brendan Hogan" has a heart to excel in any activity he is doing. Brendan Hogan will go to great distances to make other people happy including himself.
"brendan hogan" loves the USA and Ireland
brendan hogan likes music
brendan hogan is small but mighty
brendan hogan is originated in Ireland
brendan hogan is the cutest little person
by arsenal gunner95 October 20, 2010
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