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The most derogative category of a breezy usually reserved for the dirtiest of dirties. Is used for a easy to slay chick that would set off the dumbest of men's std nose. Is usually very dumb and is down for anything u want to do to her. Usually her vag will smell like hot garbage or onions and look like a roast beef sandwich from arby's. Is generally used as a last resort for dudes looking for a chick at the bar. At least 3 forms of protection is recomended.
Dude 1: Yo the bars about to close and i havent found a breezy yet.
Dude 2: I pounded that chicks vag in the bathroom earlier, what a breeznasty.
Dude 1: Sweet maybe she'll let me pee in her an extra condom?
by breezmaster 5000 March 15, 2008
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