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shitting enough to actually create a pile of shit that protrudes the water level (i.e. breaks the plain) in a toilet
I haven't shit for three days, I am definitely going to break the plain.
by Piggy Puff February 14, 2008
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A game requiring 3 people, with at least one, if not all being a Male. One person is blindfolded and on their knees and blindfolded with their mouth wide open. A male, fully erect, stands over the person on their knees and begins moving towards the person on their knees, and continues moving forward, inserting his penis into this other person's mouth, without touching any part of the person's mouth. The 3rd person acts as a Judge to make sure that the Plain (the imaginery line between the top and bottom lips) is broken by the Penis and that there is no contact between the Penis and mouth
"Hey guys, there's 3 of us, lets go play 'Break the Plain'"
by Slappy Magilacutty July 27, 2008
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