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Specialists and overseers of truth and enlightenment, we are recognized for the worship and appraisal of BREAD.
For thousands of years, dating back to the earliest eras of invention and survival of the fittest, mankind has produced the most common staple known to man.


And thereforth the elements of natue, water, and land (wheat), were mixed and created to a doughy concoction and then set into fire to bake. Thus resulting in hard, sexy bread.

Bread is not only open, accessible, and available to all races and cultures of man, like your mom, but it is also the sole being of food necesities.

It is the proof and evidence that something so simple is so long-lasting and essential. We undergo trainings and daily prayers to appreciate the basic necessities of life and give thanks to the dankest of memes.

Yo I was just accepted as an apprentice into the bread cult and yo their cult parties littt it was me and fifty other chicks and we was in the middle of the crowd playing chess, without the chess.

Next thing you know, I woke up in paradise with what looked like nutella smeared on my bread.
by breadcultツ September 06, 2016
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